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elcome to Dubose Design!

DuBose Design is me, Cynthia DuBose. By profession, I am a computer programmer with a B.S. in Computer Science who has been programming since 1983. I have been in the business of creating websites since 1999.

hy Dubose Design?

My Design Philosophy

  • A website must, foremost, be easy to read and easy to navigate. It must be clear what the company or organization offers, and the navigation elements must not leave the visitor wondering what they mean.
  • An elegant appearance can make a wonderful impression on a visitor. A coherent design that pleases the senses will automatically reflect well on your company.
  • Text should be well-written and without typos or misspellings. It should convey your message clearly and simply.
  • "Bells and whistles" such as animated graphics, while often adding interest and an imaginative touch, should be used judiciously.
  • Getting your message out is the most important thing. Pages should be optimized around this goal.

My Experience

  • Because of my programming background I am able to implement a wide range of technologies in developing a website. I can provide simple form handling and client-side scripting (including AJAX, the technology that greatly speeds up trips to and from the server), as well as complete database-enabled web applications powered by Microsoft's respected ASP.NET (2.0 through 4.5) platform.
  • If you need an application that runs on your PC, I can handle that too.
  • In the design area, I have experience using such products as ADOBE PHOTOSHOP, ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR, and Microsoft's DESIGN 2 to render a variety of designs.
Contact me to get started!

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